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Pipes and Dad

Mickey is not only a friend of 14 years, but he is an incredible photographer. Professional, kind, and with a supremely clear eye for "the shot". There was no other choice for a portfolio of my Father and me than this man. The shots came out wonderfully done and masterfully edited. I now have permanent and tangible memories of my Harley and the love I have for my Dad. Thanks, Mickey!

Nicole Sims

Mickey Strand, I'd just like to say you have captured an amazing shot of one of the Bravest, strongest, loving, amazing men I know & so very blessed to have here amongst us all still walking this Earth, My Uncle & Godfather. I know he is very photogenic ...but this goes way beyond that. You have taken the best picture of the truest form of this here real man in my opinion. Thank you for that and all your wonderful work. You are truly a talented photographer with an eye to capture amazing pictures.

Chula Vista Veteran's Home WW2 Veterans Project

From: Lainie Funk Tatus‎ to Mickey Strand Photography May 10 · Thank you for posting your outstanding work at the Chula Vista Veteran's Home. It brings much joy to see the residents receive recognition in such a magnificent manner. As a volunteer, I will get to see the entire collection as well as being blessed to share time with your subjects.